I remember that morning, we were running late because
 someone slept in. It was one of those Saturdays I enjoy so
 much, spending time with George, getting out to all the yard
sales and finding other people's junk I can repurpose into 
something new and wonderful.

Heading down the road I spotted this cabinet and my heart started to pound in my chest.
Unsure if it was the fast food I had for breakfast or the treasure I just saw on the road side
but I knew it was a candidate for my workshop.
I had an appointment to keep before I could consider wrangling this thing into our vehicle,
so George dropped me off and he went back. George is a mighty force to be
reckoned with but when it comes to dirt, ..... he's a goner.
Poor George picked up the filthy, spider ridden cabinet for me. 
He was a one man crew picking up and loading this piece into the truck.
Once he returned you had to see his face, his dirty white shirt, and hear the story only he could tell,

I cleaned, sanded, painted and waxed the interior shelves,
lined all the drawers as well as the inside back panel.
TIP: take the back board off to cover in paper
There was some damage to the bottom of the cabinet so I cut that off and added legs.
Sprayed her with some lovely Annie Sloan, added some iron scroll work to trick your eye
away from the building block shape, and installed a mirror into the door.

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