PAINTING MY FRIDGE - with annie sloan chalk paint

The day finally arrived that the fridge
was finished, and my makeover didn't
cost a lot. I was just trying to solve what
to do with some rust stains and broken
handles before it escalated into
something bigger.

BEFORE                      AFTER


My fridge had some issues, both handles were broken and there were small rust stains all over the
front coming through the original paint. It bothered me I could never get it to look clean
because of these spots. It was finally time to do something so I decided to paint it.
"In the OLDEN DAYS" our option to paint a fridge was to use an oil based spray and that meant
having to go outside to do it. Now we have ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT that adheres to just
 about anything, (I've put this to the test many time) including old white fridges and it can be done inside.

 Before I started to repaint the fridge I considered adding some details.
I got out some of my appliques and trim pieces and started building detail on the front of the door.

Once I had the trim adhered I started to paint the fridge with ANNIE SLOAN PURE WHITE
at that point it looks so nice and clean compared to the bottom half

TIP: I used double sided foam tape to adhere the light weight appliques and trim
OPTION: paint inside the frame with ANNIE SLOAN GRAPHITE to make a chalk board

I like white, but this is where I started to deviate from the plan. Why not experiment a little
after all it's only paint and we can always repaint if I need.

#1. So the next step I took was to added some ANNIE SLOAN PROVENCE
over the white with a big brush, in a cross hatch motion (seen above). 
#2. Then I added some ANNIE SLOAN CREAM (below left) on the raised parts.
#3. Once that was all dry I clear waxed everything (below right).


Now I bet I could make the fridge look like a CHATEAU CHIC French cabinet ...

ANNIE SLOAN DARK WAX could help with that.

TIP: I use a rubber glove when working with dark wax.

The dark wax was pushed into every crevice and then wiped away with a paper towel, 
leaving behind the look you see below. 

TIP: If you find that the dark wax is too DARK after wiping away,
you can use more clear wax to remove and lighten the color.

The last 2 things I did was to dry brush some more Pure White over the Provence
and follow up by waxing everything with clear wax. I used the same wide 3 inch chip brush
for both these jobs one after the other to help everything blend together, no washing between.

While I was working on the project we noticed a habit was forming to open the door by pulling
on the edge between the 2 doors. The original plastic handle was broken in a couple places with jagged
 edges and I had gotten cut from it twice so the handles never went back on, we don't even miss them.

We had considered buying a new fridge but 
at this time this was the better choice for us.


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